Auto Maintenance

Valve Cover Replacement Orange

A valve cover is pretty much what it sounds like: A metal cover that sits inside the engine that covers the gasket and keeps the oil inside. That is a good thing. The valve cover is sealed with a cork or rubber seal that keeps any oil from leaking out.

Wheel Bearing Replacement Orange

The sooner you detect issues with the steering or bouncing and have the possible concerns checked out, the less repair damage that could be happening to your car. Another side effect of worn wheel bearings is it can affect the tire wear on your vehicle. That can be expensive to replace.

Cabin Air Filter Orange

When the Cabin Air Filter is clean, it helps keep the Air Conditioner and Heater system operating efficiently.

Oil Change Service

The Oil Change Service is the absolute bare minimum service you need to provide your vehicle.
Car engine Ready For Maintenance by Chapman Auto Repair of Orange

Engine Maintenance

The engine is the heart and life of your vehicle, why not give it some TLC?

Transmission Maintenance Orange

Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle's drive-line and should be serviced regularly!

Differential Maintenance Orange

Your driveline should be subjected to annual maintenance!

Cooling System Maintenance Orange

Your cooling system should be inspected every year and flushed every other year!