Oil Change Service

Oil change at an auto shopAs part of the basic routine maintenance every vehicle should be subjected to, the oil change service is perhaps the most important and most basic maintenance task you can perform for your vehicle. The oil in your engine lubricates the numerous high-friction components allowing your engine to run smoothly. If the oil ages and/or breaks down, your engine is susceptible to damage caused by metal on metal rubbing, heat generated by excessive friction and could even seize!

Make sure you get your vehicle in to our Orange, CA Auto Repair Shop at regular intervals to ensure a happy, healthy motor vehicle and years of faithful service!

Not All Oil Changes Are Created Equal

You get what you pay for! The professionals at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange don’t skimp on quality. That’s why you’ll always find their team using only premium oils and oil filters on every vehicle that comes through their shop.

The Technician’s Eye

By employing only ASE-certified Master Technicians, you can always be guaranteed to have the Chapman Auto Repair eagle eye watching over your vehicle with every visit.